Knock the Vote

"The young generation don’t want to hear anything about the odds are against us.
What do we care about odds?"

If you're having a voting registration event and you only concern yourself with getting new voters without educating them, then you are no different than a drug dealer giving a kid a gun and having them shoot blindly into the crowd. The irony is that the "street" rappers are the ones who host these events so they can say "they did good for the community."

Every four years this tends to happen. Election season kicks off, then typical rapper realizes:

"hey, if I hold a voter registration event I'll be seen as a do-gooder amongst my people. I'll give out prizes like my new mixtape, some t-shirts, and maybe backstage tickets to my concert. Have a basketball tournament too, yeah, that'll get 'em!"

Now, these events are set up to where you have to register to vote to get access to all the freebies.The line is wrapped around th block with people, waiting to see this ball game, win some poorly made t-shirts, and see the "fuck the cops and government they don't do shit for me" rapper. Write a fake name, address, whatever to get in. Better yet this happens: You register and all you get is, "make sure you get out and vote, now go enjoy yourself the concert starting soon." So now 10,000 people show up, only 4,800 truly register, and nobody knows nothing about the Affordable Care Act while attending. Yet, I guarantee you said rapper will say he/she got over 11,000 people to register to vote that day. It's all politics as usual.

Now that election season has begun, it's time for all the cable channels to begin their "Vote or Die" campaign to get ratings. Telling you to go "register and vote, make your voice heard." being that it is a presidential election, everybody comes out the woodwork selling you a product if you come register to vote you will get.

"...if you’re not ready
to pay that price don’t use the word freedom in your vocabulary."

After experiencing a political function as big as the Democratic National Convention, what can be absorbed is that the election process and system is still held true by many Americans across the country. The world still views us as the blueprint for a voting system. For people to be out there and not give proper information for those who are new to voting is just as ignorant as not voting.


Vote for whom you choose. Just inform yourself on who the candidates are, watch a few debates, websites ( is one that comes to mind), Sunday political news shows, or go to your local Democratic or Republican center and learn. This isn't just for the presidency either, this goes for every office, local, state, and national. There's more to it then just "Are you registered to vote?"

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