Average Mans Guide To Packing For A Weekend Trip

Its the summer, time to use all those hard earned vacation days to go somewhere, meet women, jet ski, meet more women, drink, and do Cirque De soleil tactics to sneak out of their hotel room. Before you can begin using a fake name and number, you got to make sure you pack the necessary items to make the vacay a success. First things first; if you like to pack 5 pairs of sneakers for a 3-Day getaway, this is not for you. Matter of fact, Man Law states this is a act of feminine ways and your Man Card should be revoked for the summer. No man should be packing more shoes than a female, no one. One luggage just for you jordans and dunks, hope you didn't forget your make-up kit.

Make sure everything fits in a carry-on

Its only a weekend trip, you got no time to be waiting for baggage claim when you spotting some cuties already leaving the terminal. You got to get off that plane and be ready to go, hail a cab or jump in the cab with a lady and begin the weekend right.

Keep the shit simple when it come to clothing

  One pair of jeans, Two dope shirts, One dress shirt. The whole point is not to keep going back and forth to the hotel to change. Most of the time when you get back to the hotel, you want to take a quick nap, which ends up being 5 hrs wasted. Have a drawstring bag (no fanny pack) and keep a towel (this is clutch for the hot weather places), and undershirt, just in case. Slippers, 2 sneakers, should do the trick. Make sure one has that "night life" look, like Dom Kennedy said "can't where Lebrons to the club. That shit is corny."

....But Q, what about draws, socks, and shit?....

That's personal preference. What I look like telling another man how many boxers he should pack. A carry-on gives you ample amount of room to carry as many as you want. There shouldn't be no amount. Sometimes, your boxers get ripped from one of those kinda nights, so from my experience, cop fresh pack of boxers, socks, and t-shirts (or wife beaters) and you're good to go.

Toothbrush: the fuck you think...

Deodorant: the fuck you think...

Along with the usual cologne, lotion, and condoms, this one should always, and I repeat ALWAYS, go into your luggage. This one tool can keep your confidence at 109% every time you step out on the town:

Andis T-Outliner

Forget all the clothes, shoes, condoms, whatever, you have these clippers in your weekend arsenal your shape-up, baldy, beard can be in tip-top shape.

One thing for sure, make sure you carry a positive attitude. Leave the negative vibes at home. Make sure you music player has good music to keep your energy up. Because there's nothing worst then being that person who's ruins all the fun. You're there to enjoy yourself so do that.

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