Inspiration Is There...

“Even shit has trace nutrients in it” – Old Man at the bar

This conversation lasted hours, not because we were bored, but because we were bored and drinking. As there were many choices, we had to condense it.

Prolifik: TV raised us man. Can you admit that?
Q Double: I mean, yeah, it raised us in ways, Sesame Street and Mister Rogers had us at a standstill.
Pro: Think about it man, we can quote “The Wire” for hours; we can break down a scene from “The Godfather” into life lessons. Shit man, TV and movies got the best life lessons out there.
Q Dub: Like the scene with Omar and Bunk in “The Wire,” where they talking about the days when the game was more structured and how it changed for the worse.
Pro: Indeed, that scene right there says a lot about the code and what----
Q Dub: Code! Code! That shit long gone.

Pro: Man! You know how many times I watched that scene. Muhfuckas would just hear the dialog, I paid attention to everything. The background, foreground, and paint color, all that shit. One of my favorite scenes from the show.
Q Dub: Fam, you really got to stop smoking.
Pro: Why the fuck for?!!!
Q Dub: *sigh* My shit is the scene in “The Social Network” when Sean Park talking to Mark about what he did to change the industry. Sean Parker basically said “fuck the rules, those days are over! Get money, do drugs, and fuck models!” That’s my go to movie when in a slump.

Prolifik: Yoooooooooo!!!! What about the Kid-n-Play dance scene in “House Party.” If you could pull the whole dance routine off you were the man.
Q Double: That’s when it was cool to dance; before we found out that being a wall flower was a better way of enjoying yourself.
Pro: House parties were epic man, epic! *opens up another beer*

Q Dub: That scene with Bodie and McNulty is Fire too. We he finally realized he just a pawn on the chessboard.
Pro: That was that full circle moment, do remember in the first season where D’Angelo was trying to teach them about chess. He really didn’t listen then. Now he finally got it, but it was too late. *sips beer*
Q Dub: Fake ass Socrates. *opens up another beer*
Pro: The Game is rigged man.

Q Dub: Greatest scene ever then??
Pro: When Michael got Vito killed. Shit was deep man.
Q Dub: Nah, whole Godfather was great, hard to put that into scenes.
Pro: Aiight, what you got?


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