Randumb Words and Thoughts: The Power of Money

“…bitches don’t appreciate nothing man.
2 dollar bitches with 3 dollar haircuts…” – Lost Boyz

This has to be by far the best article I’ve read in Black Enterprise in a month or so.  If this shit don’t put things in perspective for you then by all means drink bleach because only the ignorant will not understand what this means. If you can, definitely pick up subscribe to Black Enterprise magazine and put it on your table so you and those around can learn something besides the usual mediatakeout.com, WSHH, and BET garbage.

This issue they have a series about women and money, yeah I know, it should just begin and end with “spend your own shit and stop stragging for the next mans money.” As I was reading, they had this insert about the wealth of the single black woman. This is when shit gets real:

Let’s break this down for a minute:

·         The wealth of a single black female is worth less than a pair or Nike Foamposites at MSRP, not even re-sell value
·         Her car, which depreciates in value, holds more merit than what she will ever have.
·         Those $300 purses you single ladies proclaim make you a “bad bitch” have more value than the “wealthy life” you say you have.
·         You can’t even get a proper bank account these days with that because you’ll get hit with maintenance fees.
·         That bottle that ole boy popped in the club the other night that you were begging to get a drink from, yeah that bottle, cost more than all the wealth you will ever get.
·         I could keep going, I really can, it’s just too much to absorb right now.

“Money is personal and emotional-and what you carry around everyday says a lot about your relationship with it.” – Carolyn Brown “Peek in your Purse” (Black Enterprise March 2012)

I don’t say this to say “you females got the game fucked up to think I’m taking any of you out for a $200 dinner and you’re only worth $100.” Nah, not at all, that would be rude and offensive, I’m a gentleman. I say this to say; “you females really got the game fucked up to think the male species of the black race taking any of you out for a $200 dinner and you’re only worth $100.” Fuck we look like now that we got this newfound info.

“Prior to age 50, women of color have virtually no wealth at all.” – Black Enterprise

Like I said this is an eye opener. Women worried about getting all the Louboutin’s and can’t even gather enough wealth to last them more than 3 days. I urge women, men, and college kids, whoever to grab this magazine and read the article. It really discusses how to manage and finance your money for the future. It’s a good thing when you can save money, be debt-free, and know all your bills paid. I don’t know that feeling yet, but I’m getting close.

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