Worth The Listen: Patrice O'Neal "Mr.P"

I got this from a friend of mine who said, "this shit will have you laughing like you haven't laughed before." Comedy CD's are good when done right. The trick is you got to engage with the audience like you sitting in the room with them, Pryor did that perfect. Don't pass me a Carrot Top CD cuz I'll toss that shit into a garbage disposal, same goes for Dane Cook, he's corny, don't get, don't wanna get him, he's fucking atrocious.

...Enough of that...

This is from the late Patrice O'Neal, who past a in November 2011 from stroke problems. I had the cahnce to see him perform a few years back and had the pleasure of being joke on the entire time. So when I heard the skit on here "Tolu," I was cracking up cause that shit happened to me too. 

Rule of Thumb for Comedy Shows
Don't ever be late and don't ever sit in the front. If, both happens to you, you're fucked. 

What makes this album funny is that its literally regular everyday stuff we talk about, he just adds the realistic, offensive, stuff to it that nobody likes to speak of. He's saying "If this offends you, I really don't give a fuck because you paid already, so fuck you feelings and laugh." Which works, perfectly well.

Patrice speaks on hoes, drugs, slavery, hoes, his dog, white woman, hoes, the president, and the fucked up work of the TSA. Pisses me off that he got his life cut short because this album his great as well the joint he did on Comedy Central "Elephant in the Room."

Do yourself a favor; Buy this album, throw it on in the car or mp3 player and let it play while on your way somewhere. I you don't laugh, your life is boring and shouldn't be made for this world. 

Mr. P [Explicit]: Patrice O'Neal: MP3 Downloads http://amzn.to/wlx5yo

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