Book in Review: The Deferred Dream

“I remember a lady came up to me after the NO STAGE shoe in Pittsburgh and she was in tears. She said to me, ‘I wish my son could be here to see this. This would have saved his life.’ I knew it was on from then…”

Here is a collection of poetry and short stories in the book “The Deferred Dream” by Jo’rell Whitfield, also known as Lyrical the Lyricist, one half of Writing for My Life with Archie the Messenger. What’s here is not the usual “the sun as the galaxy collides when the comets align, I am not my hair, I am pro bono” kind of poetry. It’s what I call the shit you need to hear when you to scared to listen to yourself. Everyday words from an everyday man and this book is a collection of those words.

“I’m only human. I make mistakes, I miss birthdays, forget names…can’t recognize faces. Sometimes I’m racist. Sometimes I rebuke it, sometimes I embrace it. I’m ambitious, yet complacent.”Excerpt from "Only Human"
Whitfield, Jo'rell H. (2012-02-26). The Deferred Dream (Kindle Locations 602-605). BookBaby. Kindle Edition.

Also in the book is a snippet of Jo’rell’s next book “The Chronicles of Hope,” that’s about a man and four of his friends just graduating from college and having to go through the challenges of life. Which could range from, paying Sallie Mae that money back to that one girl who want to poke that hole in the condom because you’re one of the “good ones” so she got to get you now before “some white bitch will.” It’s safe to say that I will be looking for that book for sure.

“Thank you for birth, and abortions. Thank you for confederates, gays and lesbians. Thank you for terrorists, or as we call them: Racist Americans.” - Excerpt from “Gratitude”
Whitfield, Jo'rell H. (2012-02-26). The Deferred Dream (Kindle Locations 851-853). BookBaby. Kindle Edition.

You can get the book by clicking the link below: The Deferred Dream eBook: Jo'rell H. Whitfield: Kindle Store

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